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WorldSkills Kazan 2019: top 7 tips for Competition visitors


02.08.2019, 12:02

On 22-27 August, Russia will be hosting the 45th WorldSkills Competition. Residents and guests of Tatarstan’s capital, the city of Kazan, will have an opportunity to experience a competition between professionals from all over the world first-hand.

Below are seven crucial tips to ensure a smooth visit to the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre, where the Competition will be taking place.

1. Obtain your free ticket

To obtain a free e-ticket, please register at the website and choose the time and date of your visit to Kazan Expo. The ticket allows you an unlimited number of passes. Children under 12 are not required to register or obtain a ticket; however, they must be accompanied by an adult. If you have any difficulties with ticket registration, please send an enquiry at

“The WorldSkills Competition is a unique professions fair and an exciting opportunity both for young people choosing a life occupation and those willing to change something in their career. We invite residents and guests of Kazan to visit the Competition and enjoy this unique experience,” said WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Project Executive Emil Gubaydullin.

2. Make sure you print out your tickets

Check that you have your e-tickets printed. Ticket scanners may not read the bar code on screens of mobile phones if the screen is damaged or if the battery is low.

3. Plan your trip to Kazan Expo

Before visiting the Competition, please be sure to consult the timetables of the public transport circulating to Kazan Expo.

The first option is to take an electric train. During the Competition days, electric train service is available from the Kazan-1 Railway Station to the Kazan International Airport, which is in a walking distance from Kazan Expo. The trip will take 28 minutes and cost RUB 40. A detailed timetable of the electric train service is available at the Russian Railways website.

Using the dedicated shuttle service is the second option. Shuttle buses depart from intercept parking areas and transfer passengers to Kazan Expo without any middle stop. Please note that to board a shuttle bus at intercept parking areas, you will have to produce a printed (or electronic) invitation ticket for the Competition. A detailed timetable of shuttles departing from/arriving at the intercept parking areas at the MEGA Mall, Leroy Merlin (174 Orenburgsky Trakt), and Dubravnaya metro station is available at the Competition’s website.

4. Read carefully the list of prohibited items at the venue

Before visiting Kazan Expo, please make sure you have read carefully the list of the items prohibited at the venue as published at the official WorldSkills Kazan 2019 website. Please pay particular attention to water and other liquid restrictions (bottles over 500 ml are not allowed).

Visitor services at Kazan Expo include storage rooms where you can leave your bags and prohibited items. Also, check that none of your things is included in the list of items prohibited for storage at storage rooms. Food is not allowed at storage rooms; you will have to throw it away before entering the Competition venue.

If you have lost personal belongings at Kazan Expo, you can report the lost items to any information desk or at the dedicated e-mail address, The Lost and Found team will contact you in case the item is found.

5. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and footwear

Kazan Expo is an enormous venue (58 hectares!). You will have to walk around a lot, so we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and footwear. If you are accompanied by small children, please bring baby strollers with you as well.

6. Check the website for updates

Before going to watch the Competition, we recommend that you visit the Competition’s official website or open its official app and look through transport timetables, detailed map of the venue, location of skill workshops, and Try-A-Skill areas.

7. Attend the Competition’s Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 45th WorldSkills Competition will take place as the Kazan Arena Stadium.

The venue had previously played host to the Summer Universiade Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2013. As a fun fact, those opening and closing ceremonies were also delivered by the team of Igor Krutoy Production Centre, founded by the famous Russian Honoured Arts Worker Igor Krutoy. The Opening Ceremony is directed by member of the Russian Television Academy and Honourable Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Aleksey Sechenov, who has a wide experience in organizing large-scale shows.

Tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 45th WorldSkills Competition are available for purchase at the official website, as well as at the Kazan Arena Stadium’s ticket offices operating daily from 10:00 to 19:00. Prices for the Ceremonies’ tickets vary from RUB 300 to RUB 1,000. For any issues related to ticket purchase, please call the contact centre at 8-800-600-62-83 (daily from 8:00 to 20:00).

The Opening Ceremony will officially mark the start of the 45th WorldSkills Competition on 22 August. Later on 27 August, the Closing Ceremony will summarize the results and award winners with certificates and medals.

Kazan Expo

Kazan Expo is the central facility of the 45th WorldSkills Competition. It will become the Competition’s most tangible legacy, the biggest event venue in the Volga Federal District. With the total area of 58 ha, Kazan Expo operates six clusters hosting the competition areas and temporary structures for the main 56 Skills, as well as Future Skills and Junior Skills.

WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The 45th WorldSkills Competition – the main international event of 2019 in Russia – will take place in Kazan on 22-27 August 2019. More than 1,300 Competitors from 63 countries and regions will compete in 56 skills.

Kazan won the right to host the Competition in 2015 having been ahead of other WorldSkills International member countries after voting. The WorldSkills Russia movement embraces all 85 Russian regions and is one of priority vocational talent development projects.

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