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WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassadors were well-known, talented, and distinguished representatives of their professions. The Ambassadors’ work experience contributed to the promotion of vocational occupations and supported the development of vocational training in Russia and around the globe.

Mask_Group_12248.png Arkady Novikov

Arkady Novikov

Chef, caterer, TV presenter, and businessman. The man who proved that everyone can be successful in a vocational occupation through hard work and diligence

Kristina Terkhulova, who was a Competitor at EuroSkills 2016 in Cooking, received a job offer from Arkady Novikov’s cooking school.

I'm not going to become a ‘waxwork’ for the forthcoming WorldSkills Competition. I will try to serve as a role model and promote cooking and catering, as well as other skills.

Mask_Group_12250.png Vladimir Chagin

Vladimir Chagin

Legendary athlete, one of the most decorated rally raid drivers in the world, seven-time Dakar winner, Kazan-Master Team pilot. Head of Kamaz-Master team (since 2013), Project Director of Silk Way Rally (since 2015)

Vladimir Chagin participated in his first rallies as a technical support staff.

In my field, I constantly experience a high demand for qualified personnel. And all our victories and achievements are undoubtedly due to the hard work done by a big team of professionals: car designers at factories, engineers, assemblers, electricians, car mechanics and many-many other professions that are just as important.

ambassador___Krikalev.jpg Sergei Krikalev

Sergei Krikalev

Cosmonaut, aviation athlete, Master of Sport International Class (aerobatics), Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation

Accumulated about 803 days in space over the course of six spaceflights and performed eight space walks.

The work of a cosmonaut is closely related to vocational occupations. It was actually considered as one before because you have to control a spacecraft and maintain its systems and work. As a cosmonaut, you should know how to work with your hands at the same time as using your head. This is exactly what young professionals will do while getting ready and competing at WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

ambassador_-_l_one.png Levan Goroziya

Levan Goroziya

Levan Goroziya is a Russian rapper and ex-resident of Black Star label, who succeeded to secure his leading position on the Russian music market with Internet as a leverage to promote his art. His Gravitation album issued in 2016 was the best Russian-language album of the year according to Apple editors. He has his own clothing line Cosmokot.

As a WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassador, Levan attended the 2017 WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, 2017 WorldSkills Hi-Tech in Yekaterinburg and 2017 Digital Skill in Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan).

Today we help the youth choose their way and acquire the necessary skills, and tomorrow they will be alongside those who are happy and proud to do their job.

foto_Gudkov__kopiya.png Alexander Gudkov

Alexander Gudkov

Russian TV host, actor, showman and scriptwriter. Captain of the Fyodor Dvinyatin KVN Team. Regular participant of the Evening Urgant and Comedy Woman shows, scriptwriter and host of the Ladies’ Club and Alexander Gudkov Music Studio sections

In 2018, together with Ivan Urgant, Alexander Gudkov was awarded in the Producer of the Year category at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

Skills are very important. We live in a materialistic world. We need to eat, get medical treatment, and have our hair cut. We need to repair equipment, create cars. I am impressed with the message of the Competition; it has a good meaning! I am so glad that young people are the main heroes of this event. They are our future.

ambassador___Ivlev_2.png Konstantin Ivlev

Konstantin Ivlev

Russian chef. Founder of IVLEV group, concept chef of Capital Business Group, and brand chef of Delli by Shell. Cookbook writer and host of Ask the Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Eat it Immediately! TV shows. Founder of the New Russian Cuisine culinary movement. Member of the Chaine des Rotissers in France, President of the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia

Konstantin Ivlev completed professional internships at Vatel School (France), Edsbaka Krog Restaurant (Sweden), the winner of 3 Michelin Guide stars, at the Beef Institute (USA), at Juan Maria Arzak Restaurant (Spain), the winner of 3 Michelin Guide stars.

First of all, every Ambassador should promote the values of the Competition, in other words, popularize skills. I’ll keep doing it and hospitality industry is not the limit because I'm interested in other fields as well. There is always something to share with others no matter what you do: painting, building houses or cooking.

Pokrovskaya.png Tatiana Pokrovskaya

Tatiana Pokrovskaya

Soviet and Russian coach, head coach of the Russian artistic swimming team (since 1998). Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation (2014), Meritorious Physical Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, honored coach of Russia. Vice President of the Russian Artistic Swimming Federation. Master of Sport of the USSR (rhythmic gymnastics)

Under the guidance of Tatiana Pokrovskaya, the Russian artistic swimming team won all gold medals at the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), in Athens (2004), in Beijing (2008), in London (2012), and in Rio de Janeiro (2016).

The WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Competition is a fascinating project that inspires the young to pursue self-cultivation and self-perfection, the abilities that matter in every area of one’s life. However, the main thing is that owing to the WorldSkills movement, our school and university students understand how important it is to choose a profession wisely and reach one’s career potential. I have been to several events hosted in Kazan, and I am sure that this time everything will be organized at the highest level as well. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the WorldSkills Competition as its Ambassador, which is an honourable mission for me.

tarasova_2.png Nina Tarasova

Nina Tarasova

Сonfectionery artist, graduate of Ecole Nationale Superieure De La Patisserie, member of jury at numerous professional contests, consultant in the field of pastry-making, founder of the popular recipe website, columnist for a number of Russian and international magazines

Nina Tarasova is the ambassador for a number of brands: Cacao Barry (France), Bergner Cook & Chef Institute (Austria), Ravifruit (France), Sosa Ingredients (Spain) and Pure Vanilla Madagascar (Madagascar). 

It is a great honour for me to become a WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassador because supporting the youth, setting them on the right, “tasty”, and beautiful path – it means a lot to me. I have a daughter and she’s also interested in confectionery. For me, it is important to give as much information as possible, support, help, and inspire the participants of the WorldSkills movement, so I will do my best to make it happen.

tulynina_2.png Alisa Tulynina

Alisa Tulynina

Professional makeup artist, winner of Mrs. Globe 2019, winner of Mrs. Russia International 2011, founder of the AT school of art and style in Kazan

Alisa Tulynina is the organizer of the charity movement providing support to elderly people at retirement homes of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The WorldSkills movement is very real to me. I have been doing my job for 20 years, I am a professional makeup artist. It is great to choose a profession in which you create something with your own hands. I feel that I have to become a role model for the younger generation. I am confident that you should listen to your heart when choosing your profession and then everything will work out.

Melnik.png Vladimir Melnik

Vladimir Melnik

Russian miner, Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation, State Duma Member, and member of Labour, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Committee

In 2007, Melnik's work team broke two Russian coal-mining records: monthly – 522,000 tonnes, and yearly – almost 4,500,000 tonnes.

I am so glad that I have joined the team that has an important mission – to promote skills in our country. Thanks for your efforts, enthusiasm, devotion to your profession, and desire to learn new things.