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Vladimir Melnik: “Skilled trades won’t be popular until the salaries are increased”

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27.08.2019, 10:42


WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassador Vladimir Melnik is a Russian miner, Labour Hero of Russia, State Duma Deputy, member of the Labour, Social Policy, and Veterans’ Affairs Committee. After having visited the competition, he has shared his impressions with us.

- What is your opinion of the WorldSkills movement, and the organization WorldSkills Kazan 2019?

- This is the first time I’m at such event and I’m very impressed with the level of the organization. It’s not like it’s the first time I see skilled people in action. I also liked welding myself when I was young. But the young people performing here are at an absolutely different level. Also, I was very impressed when I saw a 3D printer; I think this is our future. Such an event requires a lot of effort and resources. Everything here is done at the highest level, Kazan has always been famous for this.

- You are a WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassador. What’s your mission?

- My task as an Ambassador of the Competition, State Duma Deputy, and a worker with a 30-year service record in mining is to train professionals. There used to be a system of vocational training in our country earlier, but we lost it. To be competitive on the market, Russia should have professionals trained to the highest standards. There’s no alternative for Russia.

- Will the WorldSkills Competition encourage this?

- No doubt, previous examples speak for that. The WorldSkills Competition has taken place since 1947, and the world’s professional level has improved ever since. I’ve seen how young people are working now, and it’s amazing: they are so committed, nothing can distract them, they are focused on their job. It’s a pleasure to look at them. We work in the same way in the coal industry; every second is of value. For example, we need to mine as much coal as possible, while complying with all safety rules. Here, safety is the first priority too.

- They say, one of the reasons that skilled trades are unpopular among the youth is the consumer-oriented society we are living in. What can we do to turn into a society of creators?

- I think skilled trades won’t be popular until the salaries are increased and working conditions improved. These two factors must meet high standards. 

Press Office of WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Competition Organizer