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Nina Tarasova: “Headhunters should offer jobs to WorldSkills Competitors right away”

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27.08.2019, 11:40


Ambassador of the 45th WorldSkills Competition, Nina Tarasova, is known for her impressive career in the world of Pâtisserie and Confectionery. At the age of 24, she quit her job in HR and started self-teaching the new skill through the books of Pierre Hermé, the renowned French confectioner. She has now become a guest chef, confectionery artist, ambassador for several European culinary brands, and one of the most popular advisors in the field.

- Nina, after visiting the skill competition areas, what are your impressions?

- We have been to almost all skill areas. And I was impressed with the scale and quality of the Competition. I think the Competitors must feel incredibly excited. It’s just amazing!

- You are a referee at international contests too, how would you evaluate the Competitors’ work in Pâtisserie and Confectionery?

- These guys rule. The sugar statues are pure art, simply awesome! And hot sugar is not easy to work with at all. A Competitor from Belarus made me feel so proud. I actually recognized her from one of my workshops in Portugal. I anticipate the Experts will have a hard time choosing the best ones. I also observed the plating stage, when the Competitors started making dessert ⎼ strawberry tartelettes. All the guys have been given the same ingredients, but each of them served the dish in a unique way to impress the judges. Good job!

- You often go abroad to retrain and update your skills. In your opinion, will WorldSkills push Russia to develop local confectionery schools?

- I have great hopes that the large-scale media coverage of the event will attract local restaurant owners. Actually, headhunters should offer jobs to WorldSkills Competitors right away ⎼ internships, and employment contracts. The youth participating in the Competition are creative modern people with their own vision of professions, they can make an enormous contribution in their field of expertise.

- What do you focus on when creating your masterpieces?

- The client can always feel the attitude of the chef. That is why when I cook I do it with all my heart. And I get love in return, always.

- What is your motivation?

- My family. Their support, love, and faith in me are what I value the most.

- What is the secret to being a professional?

- Hard work. Not for a week, month, or even a year. In fact, a journey to professionalism is a lifelong commitment. You go to sleep thinking about your work, and in your sleep, you dream about the ideas you want to implement. You are always improving your skills. Of course, it’s very, very hard to pursue your dream. But, if there is no one, then what’s the point?

- One of WorldSkills’ main goals is the promotion of vocational skills. What is the Competition’s role in that mission?

- The skill areas were full of visitors. It is very important to demonstrate the process of completing a final product ⎼ whether a car part, dress, or a loaf of bread. Once, we shoot a film in Madagascar about vanilla farmers, and I posted the videos on social networks and received loads of comments. The more we show what we do, the more people will appreciate our work and its results. And WorldSkills plays a crucial role in this process!

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