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Green economy: a way to overcome environmental challenges in a systemic way


02.07.2019, 08:43

Session “What are green skills? Making sense of the green economy” will take place on Day 1 of WorldSkills Conference 2019. The experts will discuss the need to explore and develop green skills in Russia and across the globe that not only focus on sustainable production and green living, but also help us overcome environmental challenges in a systemic way. They will touch upon an important issue of training human resources for solving environmental and ecosystem problems, as this sphere’s needs for new technologies and innovations is increasing.

Among the speakers of the panel are Sebastien Turbot (Executive Director, New Cities Foundation), Olga Strietska-Ilina (Senior Skills and Employability Specialist, International Labour Organization), Kirill Komarov (First Deputy Director General for Corporate Development and International Business, Rosatom), and Enrico Rühle (Member of the Board, Festo Didactic SE). The “ecological disaster” term becomes clearer for people with every passing day. If yesterday the vast majority did not consider environmental issues at all, today more and more people are concerned with the consequences of the way they treat the nature. The agenda is not to describe possible scenarios of the ecological disaster the mankind will face in the future, but to tell about the green economy, which may help avoid most negative scenarios of human progress as many experts see it.

The green economy is defined as an economy that aims to develop production while preserving the environment and ecology of the planet. Its goal is to regulate and harmonise economy, social policy, and ecology, whether in a developed or developing country. Preserving the environment and ecology now, we give future generations hope to enjoy enough natural resources and sufficient and quality flora and fauna, meaning the planet will have a long healthy and happy life.

The green economy talk will be followed by the evening session titled “Our planet in 2050: young people’s aspirations for an aware and responsible society”. Young Russian and foreign scientists will tell about their contribution to the solution of the world’s environmental challenges.

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