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Game-based learning expert Jordan Shapiro to speak at WorldSkills Conference 2019


08.07.2019, 08:39

Jordan Shapiro, PhD, the author of the concept of digital game-based learning and the book “The new childhood: raising kids to thrive in a connected world”, is among the speakers of the WorldSkills Conference 2019.

The session “Catching the digital skills wave (before it’s too late)” will take place on Day 1 of the Conference at the 45th WorldSkills Competition. A passionate advocate of digital game-based learning, Jordan Shapiro, PhD, the author of the book “The new childhood: raising kids to thrive in a connected world”, and Senior Fellow for the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre at Sesame Workshop, will be the moderator of the session.

Children perceive and process information in ways that are far different from those of the older generation. Today’s two- or three-year-olds manage iPads easily and at five, they instantly learn the language of high technologies and help adults master gadgets. The new generation of children, growing in the age of mass digitalization, needs a drastic transformation in pedagogical approaches to teaching digital communication skills.

But are our teachers ready to implement such approaches? Are there relevant technologies and people competent in the field? During this session, Jordan Shapiro and other experts will try to answer these and many other questions on the topic of education in the age of total digitalization of the modern society.

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About WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The 45th WorldSkills Competition – the main international event of 2019 in Russia – will take place in Kazan on 22-27 August 2019. More than 1,300 Competitors from 63 countries and regions will compete in 56 skills.

Kazan won the right to host the Competition in 2015 having been ahead of other WorldSkills International member countries after voting. The WorldSkills Russia movement embraces all 85 Russian regions and is one of priority vocational talent development projects.

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