22 - 27 August 2019


Ambassadors of the event are well-known, talented, and leading representatives of their professions. The Ambassadors work experience will contribute to the promotion of vocational occupations and support the development of vocational training in Russia and around the globe.

ambassador___Ivlev_2.png Konstantin Ivlev

Konstantin Ivlev

Russian chef. Founder of IVLEV group, concept chef of Capital Business Group, and brand chef of Delli by Shell. Cookbook writer and host of Ask the Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Eat it Immediately! TV shows. Founder of the New Russian Cuisine culinary movement. Member of the Chaine des Rotissers in France, President of the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia.

Konstantin Ivlev completed professional internships at Vatel School (France), Edsbaka Krog Restaurant, the winner of 3 Michelin Guide stars (Sweden), at the Beef Institute (USA), at Juan Maria Arzak Restaurant, the winner of 3 Michelin Guide stars (Spain).

First of all, every Ambassador should promote the values of the Competition, in other words, popularize skills. I’ll keep doing it and hospitality industry is not the limit, because I'm interested in other fields, as well. There is always something to share with others no matter what you do: painting, building houses or cooking.