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Restaurant Service

Specialists in the field of restaurant service provide guests with high-quality services related to preparing and serving food and drinks. They must have extensive knowledge of all types of cuisines and drinks and comply with generally accepted rules of service.

Restaurant service includes a range of services combining culinary arts with high-end quality services. This industry is staffed by a well-trained, friendly and hospitable personnel possessing strong interpersonal skills. Restaurant service specialists hold occupations of a waiter, bartender, barista, and sommelier, possess the skills of serving drinks and dishes, observe etiquette when interacting with clients, follow their requests and wishes.

Industry employees are improving their professional skills to keep up with the globalization of the restaurant business, expansion of the range of services, and innovations in the world of gastronomy. The variety of skills associated with the service will continue to expand. Therefore, the constant need for highly qualified specialists of restaurant service will only grow.

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Nakasole Rauna


Miryanne Ruijs


Selma Silva



Chinese Taipei

Renat Unaibayev



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