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Space Systems Engineering

Space systems engineering is a crucial part of any successful space mission including any spacecraft development, launch, and navigation.

Space systems engineers develop an artificial Earth satellite capable to perform the functions of remote sensing.

Competitors create a 3D model, assemble the satellite body, develop a part of electrical equipment, assemble a functional model, carry out main satellite simulation, and flight modelling and complete engineering calculations.

Competitors need to be familiar with ballistics and navigation, 3D modelling, electronics, radio engineering, programming, materials science, space technology design, and testing.

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Fun facts

About 13,000 artificial satellites orbit the Earth nowadays.

Space systems engineers not only design but also test the aircrafts for safety. Simulations with small models allow them to evaluate potential flaws.


Lyubov Avdanina


Mihail Averchenkov


Konstantin Bit Dashtu


Mustafa Erdem Iaran


Petr Machulsky


Danil Tkalich



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