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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications development instruments allow developing mobile applications that combine fail-safe operation on a mobile platform (Apple iOS, Google Android) with a user-friendly interface and multifunctionality.

Mobile developers build, test, and deploy mobile apps. Their work involves writing programmes inside of a mobile development environment using the programming languages and software development environment for a specific platform.

A developer utilizes the skill of user interface design, cross-platform app development, back-end computing, modern language programming skills as well as business and marketing principles.

Mobile applications development continues to grow, as mobile devices become the centre of communication and work.

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Fun facts

Mobile apps are used more than websites. People actually spend 87% of their time on mobile apps.

The most downloaded app of all time is Facebook. The fact shows the importance of social media and has many implications for marketers.

A typical smartphone user unlocks their gadget more than 80 times a day. This means over 2,700 swipes per day.


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