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Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine learning in the past decade has become ingrained in our everyday lives through driverless cars, speech recognition, effective search systems, etc.

Machine learning and big data requires the ability to properly process data, efficiently exchange data and perform basic data recognition on large, complex data sets.

Competitors need to solve a specific problem by implementing the most effective algorithms for machine learning and big-data processing.

Machine learning and big data helps companies manage, analyse, and use their data far more successfully than ever before.

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Fun facts

More data has been generated over the past two years than in the entire history of humankind.

By 2020, at least one third of all data will be accumulated in the “clouds”. This means that a lot of useful information will become available for analysis.

Machine learning has already become part of our daily life. For example, the spam folder in your email has been trained to handle a lot of data and is able to separate the good from the bad, making your email experience much easier.


Aleksandr Makarychev


Dmitrii Raspopov


Leonid Sherstyuk


Alisher Temirov


Weiyu Yang



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