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Digital Factory

The most important element of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is the conversion of the existing production process to the Digital Factory. The task of digital production is to maximize the efficiency of equipment by introducing the latest digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, industrial Internet of things, big data transfer, and analysis into production.

The introduction of the concept of ‘Digital Factory’ radically changes the current production process, and the requirements for future professions. Workers of the future are specialists in digital technologies, with a deep understanding of the technological process and equipment used. The task of future experts is not only to obtain industrial data, but also to make all systems work in order to maximize profits and reduce production costs.

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Fun facts

Another terms for Digital Factory is “Factory 4.0”. “Smart Factory” is also used.

At one of the world’s official best digital factories in China, a single, automated, secure, and agile platform enables taking customer orders, immediate resources allocation, and production time scheduling with 100% quality compliance and 100% traceability.

In 2018, the World Economic Forum identified nine of the best factories in the world. They were selected from a survey of over 1,000 manufacturing sites based on a successful track record of implementing technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Three of the world’s nine official best “smart factories” are in China, five are in Europe, and one is in the United States.


Denis Denisov


Timofei Kormin


Andrei Samsonov



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