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Composite Technologies

Composites technology allows to combination of different materials. The uniqueness of composites lies in their properties that are not known in advance.

Composite technology engineers create composite materials to obtain those properties that engineers who make space ships and airplanes, cars and ships, equipment, bridges, and houses want to achieve.

This skill includes a set of engineering, production, technological, and organizational techniques, tools and skills involved in the design, technological preparation, manufacture, and testing of composite products.

Specialists in composite technology must be knowledgeable in material sciences, design and manufacturing of products from composites for various purposes (including economics of production), and have skills to produce and test such products.

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Fun facts

The first modern composite, fiberglass, is one of the most common materials, accounting for about 65% of all the composites produced today.

In Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, the first composite materials were bricks made from clay reinforced with straw. The structures built from such bricks have survived partly to our days.

Modern surfboards are made of fiberglass, until 1960, they were made of wood.


Renat Akhmetsharipov


Semen Fedorov


Vladimir Judaev


Fedor Kashenkov


Yuriy Klimovich


Nikita Mamontov


Nikita Semin


Vladislav Seregin


Maksim Shalovskiy


Anna Shumakova


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