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Welders prepare and join various types of metal using both electrical, and electric/gas processes. Welders need to prepare and finish joints in a wide ranges of industries and locations, from a factory workbench or construction site to a power station or ship at sea.

Welding professionals must be able to read drawings, standards, and welding symbols and have a thorough knowledge and understanding of various welding equipment and processes, metallurgy, and electrical processes in order to choose correctly from among them depending on the material being joined. They also need to thoroughly understand safe working procedures and personal protection equipment. There are several different types of welding, depending on the energy source. This can include the latest types of submerged arc, plasma arc, stud welding, and laser welding.

Welding is a highly respected trade with countless applications in many industries, including the automotive industry, building construction, pipelines, mining, farming, and general fabrication of everyday household items. Employment growth reflects the need for welders in manufacturing because of the importance and versatility of welding as a manufacturing process.

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Fun facts

Welding was known in ancient times. In the Egyptian pyramids, archaeologists found gold products with tin compounds.

The history of welding originates from the discovery of an electric arc in 1802 by the Russian professor of physics Vasily Petrov.

In 1881, the Russian inventor Nikolay Benardos used an electric arc for steel welding for the first time in history.

The French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard developed the first oxygen-acetylene welding torch in 1902-1904.

Almost any metal and non-metal can be welded in any environment, including Earth's surface, undersea, and space.


Andrew Cardin (USA)
Andrew Cardin (USA)
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