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Technicians/engineers assemble and wire products, testing systems, and design prototype circuits.

Variety is the key to a successful career in electronics. Technicians and engineers are needed to operate specialist equipment in an array of workplaces. Whatever the industry, given constant and rapid developments in technology, electronics technicians/engineers need to be proactive in ensuring that their skills and knowledge are up-to-date and meet industry standards and expectations. Understanding detailed specifications and international quality standards is also an important part of their job.

Specialists find opportunity in a wide variety of industries including aerospace/aeronautics, robotics, media and entertainment, hospitals and research labs, power, transport, security, manufacturing, and the military. Demand for electronics technicians/engineers is expected to be sustained by the continuing integration of computer and electronics systems, especially automation systems.

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Fun facts

In 1897, an English physicist, Joseph John Thomson, discovered the electron, the first subatomic particle.

The invention of the transistor by Bell company in 1947 marked the beginning of the “Silicon Age”.

The American physicist Lee De Forest is considered the father of electronics. He developed the three-element vacuum tube (or triode), which he called the audion (the first practical amplification device).

Creation of the first working prototypes of integral circuit by American engineers was the milestone event in the history of electronics.

What happens during a skill competition?
Competitors receive a test project
Competitors execute a test project and deliver a complete/incomplete work by a stated deadline
A group of Experts assesses competitors’ test projects in accordance with WSI standarts
Results are calculated via information system and a list of winners is generated
Winners are awarded during a Closing Ceremony


Yu-Chih Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
Yu-Chih Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
Competitor at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

I can use my skill to control many things, like a motorcycle or its engine. Not everyone can do it, so I think this is the best thing for me about my skill. Technological progress is fast. If you want to enter the high-tech industry, you should consider this skill.



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