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Painting and Decorating

A painter paints surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, faсades, fences, metal structures, etc.) in order to ensure its protection, sanitization, cleansing, and aesthetic treatment. A decorator decorates the interior using paintings, means of graphics, fabric, equipment, and lighting.

Skilled painters and decorators possess a set of skills required to perform interior and exterior finishing work. Professional painters and decorators have, first of all, a developed spatial perception, out-of-box creative and flexible thinking, and attention to detail. They are also able to interpret a drawing and translate it onto a surface followed by painting in predetermined colours.

Today painters and decorators’ service is in demand practically in all areas of human life: the specialists paint buildings’ and equipment’s facades, interior surfaces, as well as finish and decorate the interiors of private houses, business centres, offices, theatres, etc.

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