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Quantum Technology

Quantum technologies solve problems in the field of information security using a quantum computer and high-speed data processing.

Quantum technology specialists need the skills of working with fibre optic elements, quantum key distribution settings, and quantum computers programming languages.

Quantum technologies allow to instantly detect a compromised data transmission set.

This technology ensures the security and confidentiality in the banking and governmental sector, protects personal data, etc.

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Fun facts

IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Alibaba, Baidu, and other corporations are investing billions of dollars in the development of quantum computers and increasing their capacities, which are measured in qubits.

Traditional computers process binary bits, while quantum computers process quantum bits “qubits”. The key difference is that binary bit can be either a zero or a one. While one qubit can be both at the same time!


Danat Charniakou


Alexey Grigoriev


Roman Karpov


Anisiya Klimenko


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