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Mineral Synthesis and Processing

Minerals synthesis and processing is aimed at forming high durability coatings and at manufacturing high-precision products from solid minerals (diamond scalpels, lenses, bases for transistors).

Specialists need the skills of working with equipment for compounds synthesis from the gas phase, minerals analysis, and assessment of their processing profitability, high-precision processing, forming, and polishing.

The work of experts in minerals synthesis and processing is related to industries producing or using synthetic minerals (defence, energy, mining, medical and other high-tech industries).

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Fun facts

Synthetic diamonds are the hardest substance known. Hardness of synthetic diamonds depends on the purity, the presence of defects in the crystal lattice and its orientation.

If the competition in Mineral Synthesis and Processing lasted for 120 days, the competitors would end up with 20 diamonds, worth a total of USD 1 million, after the finals.

Modern equipment allows identifying both the place of origin for natural diamonds and the manufacturing characteristics for synthetic diamonds.


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