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Laser Technology

Laser technologies include elements of mechanics, electronics, materials science, material resistance, and computer technology.

Laser technology specialists need to be able to read and interpret complex technical drawings, as well as work with various materials and understand how to process it and use specialized software.

Specialists develop, design, carry out commissioning, carry out maintenance, localize, and eliminate equipment malfunctions, as well as programme laser equipment control systems.

Experts carry out maintenance and design of laser systems, develop new ways of materials processing.

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Fun facts

The word “laser” appeared as an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”

Einstein had a role in the discovery of the laser. We would not have lasers today, if it were not for his theory of stimulated emission.

Scientists at Imperial College London have recently proposed a method to heat materials with a laser up to 15 million degrees centigrade, which is hotter than in the centre of the sun!


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