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Enterprise Information Systems Security

Enterprise information security is ensuring protection against internal data leaks caused intentionally or due to negligence through technical communication channels. Competitors in enterprise security need to know the basics of corporate protection against internal threats, understand how to apply the regulatory legal base to classification and investigation of incidents, be proficient in the use of systems and techniques provided for data protection purposes.

Currently, one of the most relevant issues of corporate data security is ensuring the protection against internal leaks through technical communication channels.

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Fun facts

According to IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index 2016, insiders account for 60% of all cyber-attacks, of which 3/4 committed deliberately and the remaining 1/4 made by an accident.

The security industry in the EU generates a turnover of close to € 200 billion, and creates employment for 4.7 million persons.

Former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton's private email use has dogged her 2016 presidential campaig. It was proved that Clinton had a violation of the national security policy when stored and forwarded emails marked 'Confidential' on her private email server (outside the secured perimeter).

In 2019 Capital One Financial Corp. said data from about 100 million people in the U.S. was illegally accessed. About 140,000 Social Security numbers were accessed, as well as 80,000 bank account numbers (Bloomberg).


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