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Drone Operating

The skill includes management and operation, detection, and elimination of malfunctions in drones, the use of technical equipment, remote piloting and the performance of operational missions. Test project is designed to assess the skills of drone diagnostics and repair, visual and FPV piloting, cargo air transportation, programming autonomous flights, and control systems and data collection.

A job related to drone operating implies diverse specialisations such as technician, operator, external pilot, programmer, and a variety of career choices associated with high-tech industries and entrepreneurship.

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Fun facts

Drone operators have great financial prospects. The profession of the drone operator is among the top 50 jobs of the future.

Global drone market is expected to grow from 14 billion dollars in 2018 to more than 43 billion dollars in 2024.

The skill allows learning assembly and piloting of the drone, as well as develop the skills of programming and creating your own process projects based on a quadcopter platform.


Manuel Barros


Jasper Chua


Yaroslav Lakeev


Zhenwei Liang


Jacques Welgemoed

South Africa


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