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Vcom's Second Participation in a WorldSkills Competition


13.09.2019, 08:01

Vcom Education has made breakthroughs from supporting one skill competition at the previous WorldSkills Competition to 14 skills competitions at WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

At the first skill competition Vcom supported, Information Network Cabling, Vcom provided competition workstations as well as consumables. This year Vcom’s support expanded to IT Software Solutions for Business, Web Technologies, IT Network Systems Administration, Graphic Design Technology, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security.

WorldSkills Juniors and Future Skills also benefited from Vcom, Web Technologies, through their support of IT Network and Systems Administration, Machine Learning and Big Data, Quantum Technology, Building Information Modelling Technology, and Life-cycle Management.

During this Competition, Vcom launched a new software system, Skills Evaluation & Training System by MR_HoloLens. It is made with the accumulated experience of Vcom's participation in WorldSkills Competition as well as national and international selection competitions. It is compatible with all skills as well. This system is jointly developed by Vcom and Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics & Information based on the research and development results of Prof Takuo Kikuchi, Polytechnic University Japan.

After WorldSkills Kazan 2019, Vcom will continue deepening the cooperation with the TVET community and WorldSkills on projects such as the construction of Information Network Cabling training centre and exchange programs in China.