22 - 27 August 2019

Gorkinsko-Ometyevskiy Forest turns into skills arena for one day: SKILLS BAZAAR to take place in Kazan

Official events

12.09.2018, 15:19

The host city entered the wind-down period of preparation for the 45th WorldSkills Competition to be held in Kazan and celebrated the year before the start of the “Olympiad of manpower” in August. Skills Bazaar, so-called “Fair of Skills”, will be devoted to this event. The Fair will take place on 16 September in the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky Forest.

Technical Director of WorldSkills International, Jane Stokie, and the “Queen of Welding”, Aleksandra Ivleva, will become guests of the event.

One of the most popular parks in Kazan will turn into a unique arena for demonstrating skills for a few hours on Sunday. Thematic areas representing different professional fields will be created there. Attendees will have a chance to take on the role of a florist or carpenter, confectioner or mobile robot technician, visiting 17 workshop areas open from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The following professional skills will be presented during SKILLS BAZAAR:

“Weld Queen” Welding Art Workshop

Here, in the playing atmosphere and during the creative interaction, the team of “welders-superheroes” will teach visitors to create metal pieces of art, using modern welding equipment. All guests will be able to try themselves as welders, learn how to work with complex material and get a unique experience in a new profession. Through the initiative of artistic creativity, welding art is intended to become more accessible and understandable to the broad public audience. The Queen of Welding Aleksandra Ivleva is a modern artist, performer, sculptor, electric and gas welder of the 3rd category.

Laser technologies and neuro-controlled LEGO

“Quantorium” Technology Park Team (Naberezhnye Chelny) will demonstrate the fulfillment of tasks within the skill of “Laser Technologies”. Workshops will be conducted by the winners of the WorldSkills Competitions, who will tell attendees about the laser machine programming and manufacture of various products.

The spectators will also have a workshop on the assembly and programming of neuro-controlled LEGO robots conducted by the teacher of “Quantorium” Aleksey Sysolyatin. Firstly, participants collect robots from Lego designers, program their actions with a special application, and then control robots with the help of special devices that allow attendees to give commands depending on the rhythm of the human brain or on the reduction of various muscles. With the help of these devices, attendees can arrange neuro-races, sumo of robots or measure the power of thought. Participation in all workshops is free of charge; the volunteer responsible for the workshop carries out registration.

Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics is one of the top high-tech WorldSkills. If visitors choose this workshop, they will be able to work with robots under the guidance of experts from the Kazan Technical School of Information Technologies and Communication. Attendees will have a chance to learn how to use a robot joypad or observe the process of task-performance.

Cooking Workshops

What can be better than cooking workshops conducted by professionals? The best chefs and confectioners from the Association of Cookery Experts of the Republic of Tatarstan, including Rustam Rakhimov, Ruslan Maksimov and Igor Pavlov, will teach how to cook perfect filet mignon, seafood in a crispy dough, tell about false éclairs and many other interesting things.

Restaurant Service

The team of the Kazan Trade and Economic College will conduct workshops on table setting and table etiquette, fruit plate preparation and decoration, secrets of non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as folding napkins.

10.00 - 11.00 – Workshop on napkin folding art

11.00 - 12.00 – Demonstration of preparation of non-alcoholic cocktails

12.00 - 13.15 – Workshop on table setting and table etiquette

14.00 - 15.00 – Demonstration of preparation and decoration of fruit plates

15.00 - 16.30 – Demonstration of the “Bar” module of the “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) Competition, preparation of non-alcoholic cocktails.

16.30 - 17.00 Workshop on napkin folding art.


At the workshop on floristry, visitors will have a chance to create their own small floral masterpiece under the guidance of highly-qualified professionals – the winner of the “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia 2017) National Competition within the skill of “Floristry”, the chief florist of the “Oh, My Borsch!” studio Maxim Votyakov, art director, chief florist Daria Dolengovskaya and teacher of the “Dari” flower studio Diana Subhangulova. Attendees will be able to take their hand-made bouquet with them.   

Free access; the volunteer responsible for the workshop carries out registration.

Fashion Workshop

Workshops conducted by the team of the Kazan College of Technology and Design will give visitors an opportunity to learn how to make sketches of clothes, make unusual necklaces and brooches. Master and founder of the Stoneberry's natural stone jewelry store Margarita Matyazh will show how to create beautiful accessories with their own hands, and Najia Galimova will conduct a workshop on making stylish headwear – kalfak. Najia is the author of dresses and accessories, artist, designer, Muslim style expert and author of the book on preparation for nikakh (tatar traditional wedding ceremony).

Free access; the volunteer responsible for the workshop carries out registration.  

Arts and Crafts

People tend to hand down secrets of Folk Art from generation to generation. If visitors attend this workshop during Skills Bazaar, they will have an opportunity to get a sense of the Art thanks to the guests from the Kazan Technical School of Arts and Crafts. The team of the technical school will perform workshops on wood carving and painting, making ceramic products with the help of a potter's wheel. Moreover, this workshop will demonstrate the execution of works in the skill “Jewelry inserts faceting”, where the contestant will show how phianite faceting is carried out.

Tanning and Leather Crafting Workshop

Visitors will create name bracelets using special hammers. The process will occur under the strict guidance of the master – the owner of the BILBAU workshop Marat Bayramgulov. Participation is arranged on a first-come-first-served basis, attendees can take a hand-made bracelet with them!


Visitors are invited to look at tiling from a new perspective. The team of the Kazan Construction College will hold workshops for real men. Mini-workshop attendants will try themselves as tiling setters.

10.00 - 11.30 – workshop on tile setting

12.00 - 13.30 – workshop on tile cutting with hand tools. Attendees can try to cut tiles of various shapes and sizes on their own.

14.00 - 16.30 – masters will set the logo of the WorldSkills Competition 2019 from the cut pieces of tiles in the format of mosaic.

Concrete Workshop

Yes, it's concrete! One of the most unusual workshops in Kazan will teach spectators to make unique interior items and accessories from concrete. Timur Zakirov – architect and designer, one of the founders and owners of the “GARAGE FACTORY” Industrial Design Studio, will control the process. The main principle of the master is the production of objects that combine functionality and natural aesthetics. The duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours.

Object Design Workshop

Masters of object design from Qullar Studio Ilya Badykshanov, Konstantin Maksimov and Alexander Nikolaev will tell visitors how to create an interior using unusual objects and materials with their own hands. During the workshops, attendees will be able to learn how to create geometric lighting fixtures from steel rods by welding.

The duration of one workshop is 2 hours.

16:00 - 17:00 – collective manufacture of an abstract sculpture from metal rods.

Plastering and Dry Construction Workshop

Family workshops will take place in the area of Dry Construction and Plastering. Visitors will be able to take souvenirs made by their own hands – as a reminder of SKILLS BAZAAR.

The Head of the Gyprock professional construction area and leading gypsum materials coach from the Saint-Gobain Academy (Moscow) Nikolai Ilnitsky will conduct workshops about “Gyprock” and “Weber-Vetonit”.

“Gyprock” workshop:

1. Gypsum plasterboard parting wall. Quick and correct installation. Choice of the right covering. Crash test of the gypsum plasterboard partitions.

2. Curvilineal constructions from gypsum board are easy to create! Sheet milling with one's own hands.

3. Effective sound insulation in the apartment.

“Weber-Vetonit” workshop:

1: Creating surfaces using stencils and putty LR+

2: Creating the “Wood” surface finish with the putty LR+ and further painting

3: Continuous application of the colour putty and several other surface finish options from improvised materials.

Beauty Workshops


Demonstration workshops from the International College of Service will be conducted by 6 experts and members of the national team of the Republic of Tatarstan on professional skills in accordance with WorldSkills standards within the “Aesthetic Cosmetology” skill. Also, visitors will be able to attend workshops arranged by a talented make-up artist and soloist of the “YAMLE” group Veronica Kuznetsova, make-up artist and owner of the STUDIO 13 beauty salon Elena Gilmutdinova.


Specialists of the International College of Service will conduct workshops on designer manicure and show how to make it using various techniques.

Photography Workshop

The team of the Professional College №41 will tell the audience about the basics of studio photography. How to set the light correctly, adjust the camera and shooting angle – participants can try themselves as photographers and models. In the same space, the director of the “Vidimy Svet” full cycle studio Timur Shaikhutdinov will conduct workshops.  

Radio-controlled cars

Heads of the MoyaGonka.rf Sports School of Radio-controlled Cars Ravil Garipov and Airat Shakurov will conduct a lesson on “drift”, “short course”, “buggy”, and “monster trail”. Here everyone can get acquainted with the construction of radio-controlled cars and realize that these cars are not children's toys; they are a real professional equipment! 

Tuning Workshop

An individual car tuning will be carried out in real-time mode in front of the audience. Visitors will be able to witness the whole process. Workshop will be conducted by the founder of FriDay Custom Ramil Khadiyatullin.

Food-courts and photo-shooting area will work at the venue of SKILLS BAZAAR. Moreover, attendees will get a chance to see the 45th WorldSkills Competition Mascots – Almaz and Altyn.

The event will be organized with the active support of Gyproc Group (Saint-Gobain Branch), Lincoln Electric and Coca-Cola.


The gypsum unit of the Saint-Gobain Group, represented in Russia under the Gyproc brand, is the world's largest producer of gypsum and special sheets, gypsum-based mixtures, as well as ceiling systems and accessories for fast and high-quality installation. The subdivision carries out their activity in more than 50 countries of the world, fully satisfying the needs of clients – builders, architects, investors. 

Gyproc creates professional innovative solutions for interior decoration of premises and system construction, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and aesthetic living space.

Lincoln Electric

For over a hundred years, Lincoln Electric has been guided by the desire to provide consumers with innovative, efficient and high-quality welding and cutting methods. This commitment, combined with our technological advantage and extensive production and distribution capabilities around the world allow us to provide each customer with the optimum solution. The company is a world leader in offering innovative solutions and services in the field of welding.

In October 2010, Lincoln Electric purchased Trade House Mezhgosmetiz OOO and Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk AO in order to produce welding materials in Russia and meet the needs of Russian customers.

Coca-Cola System in Russia

Coca-Cola System in Russia includes Coca-Cola Soft Drink Consulting LLC and Coca-Cola HBC Russia, which makes it one of the leaders of the soft drinks market and one of the largest foreign investors. Coca-Cola has invested $5.7bln in the Russian economy. The company buys 90% of its resources from local suppliers.

Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of FIFA, Russian Football Union, Leather Ball – Coca-Cola Cup All-Russian Football Tournament, which brings together over 700,000 young players. Coca-Cola System in Russia is proud to be an integral part of the country’s mainstream and active contributor to Russia’s economic development.

Within Russia, the company's product range includes high-quality non-alcoholic beverages: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, BonAqua, Schweppes, Fuzetea,, Dobry, Rich, Moya Semya, Pulpy, Burn and Monster, Smarwater, Adez.

Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Russian Football Union, the official sponsor of the Russian national football team, as well as the sponsor of the All-Russian Children and Youth Tournament "The Leather Ball - the Cup of Coca-Cola", in which more than 500,000 young players take part each year.

Coca-Cola is proud to be an integral part of Russia, and an active participant in the continuing development of the country’s economy.

For more information: www.cocacolarussia.ru.

Press Office of WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Competition Organizer