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Alexander Gudkov joins WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassadors’ Team

Official events

05.12.2018, 10:31

A Russian TV host, actor, showman and scriptwriter Alexander Gudkov became a new WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Ambassador. The Initiation Ceremony for Ambassadors was held during the International Volunteer Forum in Moscow, where an on-site recruiting center was organized.

“I invite everyone to the capital of Tatarstan – next year! Welcome to Kazan! In August, the WorldSkills Competition will take place there. It's a good project, it's an incredible event, and we will do our best, my friends!” said Alexander Gudkov.

He mentioned that when he was offered to represent the Competition as an Ambassador, he agreed right away. “Skills are very important. We live in a materialistic world. We need to eat, get medical treatment, and have our hair cut. We need to repair equipment, create cars. I am impressed with the message of the Competition, it is true! I am so glad that young people are the main heroes of this event. They are our future”, added Alexander Gudkov.

Alexander Vladimirovich Gudkov (born on 24 February 1983, in Stupino, Moscow Oblast, USSR) is a Russian TV host, actor, showman, scriptwriter and captain of the “Fedor Dvinyatin” KVN Team.

Gudkov used to be a team member. In the course of time, he began to take steps towards his own projects. The first challenge for him was writing scripts for the “Comedy Woman” Show where his colleague from “Fyodor Dvinyatin” Natalia Medvedeva was taking part. Creating humorous and easy stories for the programme, Gudkov unlocked his talents and did not follow the strict rules.

Since 2012, Alexander Gudkov has been a regular participant of the “Evening Urgant” Show, scriptwriter and host of “Ladies’ Club” and “Alexander Gudkov Music Studio” sections.

Gudkov will join the WorldSkills Ambassadors’ Team, represented by Arkady Novikov, famous restaurateur, cook, TV host and businessman, Boris Akimov, founder of the “LavkaLavka” farm cooperative store, Vladimir Chagin, Russian racing car driver, seven-time winner of the Rally Dakar, Head of the KAMAZ-Master Racing Team, Sergey Krikalev, Soviet and Russian aviation athlete and cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union and First Hero of the Russian Federation, and L’One, Russian rapper and resident of Black Star label.

About WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The 45th WorldSkills Competition – the main international event of 2019 in Russia – will bring together more than 1,600 young professionals representing over 60 countries and regions who will compete in 56 skills. It will take place in Kazan on 22-27 August 2019. It is expected that more than 250,000 spectators will attend the Competition and associated events.

Kazan won the right to host the Competition in 2015 having been ahead of other WorldSkills International member countries after voting. The WorldSkills Russia movement embraces 85 Russian regions and is one of the leading staff training projects.

Press Office of WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Competition Organizer