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Water Technology

Water supply engineering technicians inspect water samples, supervise filter systems, process pipes out of metal or plastic, and maintain and repair pipes or small electric devices. They work in municipal and industrial water supply companies.

Whether working with water support or waste water treatment, the role of water supply engineering technicians is to observe, identify, protocol, report, maintain, control and repair equipment and processes throughout the plant and the networks. For this purpose, they must have knowledge and expertise in mechanics, chemistry, biology, electrical, automation, and environmental protection. Water supply engineers should also have excellent analytical, team-working and problem-solving skills, time management, and communication abilities. Plus, they must know how to follow proper safety procedures as they are exposed to hazards from equipment, chemicals, or other toxic materials.

Since water is the world’s most critical resource, the importance of this occupation and the quality of those fulfilling it, is second to none. In the years to come, governments are expected to focus their efforts and resources on efficient water use and wastewater treatment, and thus to increase demand for environmental engineering technicians.

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Fun facts

When building a new city, ancient Romans would pave access roads and arrange aqueducts first.

There are 1,300 types of water depending on its origin, amount, and substances found in it.

H2O is a purely theoretical formula of water based on calculation; in practice, water contains various solutions of salts and impurities that change its chemical formula.

Water has much more states than commonly assumed. There are the gaseous state, 5 types of liquid state of aggregation, and 4 types of solid state.

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