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IT Network Systems Administration

IT network systems administrators provide information technology (IT) services to commercial and public sectors to ensure systems run smoothly and without interruption. Their work involves ensuring a wide range of services, including user support, design, troubleshooting, and installing, configuring and updating both operating systems and network devices.

IT network systems administrators need to be customer-oriented and be able to handle cross-company communication solutions and to provide safe and efficient access to the internet and other corporate networks. Experts in this field keep up to date on research and technology, products and services in the industry, and maintain a consistent and methodical investigative approach to their work.  From ensuring commercial entities remain “up and running” with limited systems breakdowns, to contributing to the design and development of new and innovative systems, the role of IT network systems administrators is widely accepted as business critical.

For IT network systems administrators, the work environment can range from data centres to network operations centres, internet service providers, and data centres like climate-controlled server rooms. Employment demand increases as companies continue to expand their IT networks. Designing and building these new networks, as well as upgrading existing ones will create opportunities for specialists in this field.

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Fun facts

The first system administrators appeared with the emergence of the first computer network ARPANET created in the US military department in the 1980s.

The number of electronic devices in the world connected to the Internet exceeds the number of people living on the planet.

The first message text to be transmitted over the network was “LOGIN” (the system entry command). The "l" and the "o" letters were transmitted, but the system then crashed.

In 1991, a new service was launched, the World Wide Web (WWW or Web (the World Wide Web)). Its inventor, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, is considered the founder of the Internet.

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Oscar Castillo (Columbia)
Oscar Castillo (Columbia)
Competitor at WorldSkills London 2011

The best thing about my skill is that it is part of new technologies, and it is a transferable technology in all companies. WorldSkills allows you to measure yourself with the highest in the industry so that you and your country improve.



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