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Information Network Cabling

Network cabling technicians design and install cable systems for telecommunication and network communications. Essential business services from cable TV to telephones and broadband all depend on information network cabling.

Network cabling technicians use specialist knowledge to design and install Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), and Cable TV. They are expected to understand the different types of cables and how they work together to create a successful network. Professionals also need to understand schematics, specifications, and instructional drawings if not designing and installing their own system that meets clients’ needs and conforms to recognized industry standards.

Employment growth for network cabling technicians will be strong as organizations continue to upgrade their network systems and incorporate newer technologies. The growing reliance on wireless networks and e-commerce will also fuel the demand for specialists in this field.

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Fun facts

In 1778, an optical (semaphore) telegraph using visual signal was used for providing communications between the Paris and Greenwich observatories.

In 1956, the British scientist Narinder Kapany developed a special technology for gathering fibres into bundles surrounded by a plastic sheath and coined the term “fibre optics”.

In 1980, an ambitious project of a fibre-optic system interconnecting Boston and Richmond was implemented.

The laying of a cable under the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean without intermediate amplifiers became possible due to the implementation of erbium-doped optical fibre in 1990.

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