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CNC Milling

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) millers shape metal and other solid materials using a computer controlled milling machine to create products used in almost every aspect of modern life, from cars and smart phones to kitchen appliances and prosthetic limbs.

Many of the appliances and objects we use every day depend on CNC Milling. It is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery that creates components using precise cutting tools. Machinists must be able to understand complex technical drawings, and have knowledge and experience of computer skills and software, in order to become skilled machine operators with an understanding of how various metals behave during the cutting process.

Today a wide range of industries require CNC milling professionals to program, operate, and keep sophisticated milling machines running in an efficient and reliable way. Large enterprises such as automobile, medium-sized enterprises, such as mould making and small enterprises on maintenance field are some of many examples where CNC milling professionals play a key role to the success of metalwork industry.

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Zhenji Tian



Seong-Min Kim



Yuto Kikuchi



Truong The Dieu



Patcharapol Sugkong



Fun facts

In the 16th century, Leonardo Da Vinci proposed a mill prototype in the form of a circular file.

Eli Whitney, an American manufacturer, invented the milling machine. He found a way to speed up the process of gun production by using machines instead of workers.

In 1845, an American engineer, Stephen Fitch, built a turret lathe with eight cutting tools, which was a step towards the creation of automatic machines.

An American engineer, Christopher Miner Spencer, invented the automatic turret lathe in 1873.

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