22 - 27 August 2019


Bakers produce a wide range of bread and pastry items by mixing ingredients according to recipes.

Bakers must have an intimate knowledge of the ingredients of baking products, as well as the optimum temperatures and timings each will require for perfect results. Artistic talent and attention to detail are needed alongside the ability to work effectively and economically in order to achieve outstanding results within set timeframes. Bakers work to high levels of food hygiene and safety and have a good understanding of reformulating recipes and adapting to changing environments and tastes.

Most bakers work in retail or commercial bakeries, grocery stores or wholesale club stores, and restaurants. Bakers with years of experience have the best job opportunities, with employment driven by the growing demand for specialty baked products.

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Fun facts

Bread is the only food product eaten around the world in different forms and appreciated by representatives of all religions.

According to scientists, bakery appeared as a result of one curious accident: a part of cereal being cooked was poured out and turned into a brown cake.

In ancient Egypt, there was time when bread was used instead of money. Pyramid builders were paid bread for their work.

Medieval people sometimes used flatbread as plates, serving meat and vegetables on it.

There are more than 20 types of bread, which depend primarily on the area of origin. It is impossible to count how many types of bread exist in the world today.


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