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Architectural Stonemasonry

Architectural stonemasons cut pieces of rock into accurate shapes by hand and machine and then arrange the resulting stones to form structures. The skilled hand of architectural stonemasons can be seen in everything from commercial buildings to spectacular places of worship likes mosques and cathedrals.

Architectural stonemasons work with natural stone, from granite to marble, creating components, and carving and cutting letters on sites. A high level of skill, patience, creativity, accuracy, and problem solving are required to create beautiful stonework that will last for generations. Deep knowledge of geology, materials, processes, and building methods, new and old, are also crucial.

The work will range from basic places of worship to massive gothic cathedrals, from simple but significant buildings to the grand architectural and secular commercial and municipal buildings that define a country’s heritage. It also includes new buildings, both classical and commercial.

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Fun facts

The first stone products were functional items: chairs, land marks, gutters, flint knives, fragments of silicon served as knives, etc.

In ancient times, the professional stonemasonry skills were kept secret and passed down from generation to generation.

In some countries, the ancient stone polishing techniques were so perfect that it was common to make mirrors from basalt or obsidian.

Stone processing technology has changed significantly since the 1950s; nowadays ultrasound devices and advanced diamond tools are widely used.

Nowadays, stonecutters say that even with today’s tools and machines it is impossible to replicate every item ancient people made ages ago.

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