22 - 27 August 2019

WorldSkills flag makes it to Brazil


09.07.2018, 15:45

The WorldSkills is welcomed in Brazil. The WorldSkills Flag Relay ceremony took place on 8 July in São Paulo, where the WorldSkills Competition had been held in 2015. Logo patch from this competition (here, in São Paulo, three years ago Kazan was recognised as a host city of the next Competition) was added to the flag. The ceremony was held as a part of the Skills Olympics organized by WorldSkills Brazil.

The Flag Relay started last year when the WorldSkills Flag was handed to Kazan, the next WorldSkills host city, on 20 October during the Closing Ceremony of WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017. The flag arrived in Sochi, Russia the next day. It was then launched into space and kept on board the International Space Station for more than two months, before returning at the end of February. Since March 12 the WorldSkills flag has been travelling around the world, as it continues its journey across the 20 countries that have hosted the WorldSkills Competition previously.

After the international phase of the relay is complete the flag will travel across Russia, and the Republic of Tatarstan before being delivered to Kazan during the Opening Ceremony of WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

Press Office of WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Competition Organizer