22 - 27 August 2019

Mobile Robotics

Mobile robotics engineers design, build, and maintain robots to solve problems in industries. Robots play an increasing role in our lives and places of work in areas as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining, and medicine.

Mobile robots begin with a design and then a prototype which must be programmed and tested to make sure it offers a high and consistent level of performance. Mobile robotics engineers must be familiar with logic, microprocessors, and computer programming and prepare specifications for the robot's capabilities as they relate to the work environment. They are also responsible for cost efficient design, cost-price calculations, and quality control. The ability to innovate, experiment, transfer analytical skills, and generate solutions to resolve technological challenges is essential.

Mobile robot technicians work in various installation and maintenance duties, for instance as electricians in the electronics industry. Growth of industrial robotics market and increasing automation are expected to remain robust in the upcoming years with underlying surge in demand for specialists in this field.

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Fun facts

The word “robot” was created by a Czech writer Karel Čapek in 1920, when he was writing his play “Rossumovi univerzální roboti” (R.U.R).

The term “robot” was first used in a science-fiction short story “Liar” written by Isaac Asimov and published in 1941.

An Arabic inventor, Ismail al-Jazari, is considered the first robot technician. In the 12th century, he created mechanical musicians playing the flute, harp, and tambourines.

The era of robots began in 1980, when companies around the world invested billions of dollars in the automation of tasks on production lines.

In 2000, the fourth-generation robots emerged featuring the so-called more intelligent robots with the ability to reason and learn.


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