22 - 27 August 2019


Mechatronics technicians design, build, maintain, and repair automated systems for industry. Mechatronics joins together mechanics, pneumatics, electronically controlled systems, programming, and robotics and systems development.

Mechatronics technicians apply their knowledge of engineering to solve technical problems and maintain automated mechanical equipment. They need to know how to operate computer-aided software programs to complete their work, and they should also have a solid understanding of physics, calculus, robotics, and circuitry.  Mechatronics involves working with constantly evolving technology in the industrial automation realm, and more broadly across the electrotechnology industry. Usually mechatronics technicians are in the same team with other specialists who compliment their specialty – be it electrical wiring or computer programming.

Professionals in this area work in a wide range of sectors, including biomedical, automotive, food processing, and high volume manufacturing. The rapid pace of technological innovation and development will drive demand for mechatronics technicians with the increased appetite for more complex automation systems across a wide range of industries.

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Fun facts

The history of mechatronics dates back to 1969, when a Japanese firm, Yaskava Electric, coined the term (“mechanics” + “electronics”).

Primarily, regulated electric actuators were considered as mechatronic systems, then automated doors, vending machines, mobile devices, etc. were included in the category of mechatronic systems.

Devices for reaching and handling hazardous or inaccessible objects predated the mechatronic systems.

The antilock braking system (ABS) which prevents the wheels from locking up during braking is a notable example of a mechatronic system.


Robyn Clarke (UK)
Robyn Clarke (UK)
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